Startup Roam’s Bold Innovation: Transforming Michigan’s Mortgage Landscape with Assumable Loans 

 October 5, 2023

By  Joe Habscheid

Summary: For the uninitiated, breaking into the housing market in Michigan can seem daunting, namely because affordable mortgage rates are hard to come by. If high mortgage rates have been a barrier to your home ownership dreams, there’s a potential solution you need to know about. A new startup called Roam offers a fresh approach to home loans via ‘assumable loans’, which essentially allow sellers to pass on their existing mortgage to the buyer. This could lead to you getting your hands on a mortgage rate as low as 3% in what is otherwise a 7% market. Let’s delve into the intricacies of assumable loans, shine light on some successful examples, and discuss the potential impact Roam’s innovative model could have on the market.

Understanding Assumable Loans

It’s not uncommon to feel a sense of discouragement or unease when scanning the housing market. The high interest rates can feel like towering barriers, casting a shadow over your dreams of owning a home in Michigan. You’re not alone in this struggle and it’s not an insurmountable obstacle. Let’s simplify this complex topic. Assumable loans, the unique offering of startup Roam, allow a buyer to take over the seller’s existing mortgage, which could well be at a much lower rate than current market values. If you’re running into walls trying to get a fair deal in this 7% world, an assumable loan could be your door to a 3% mortgage rate. The crux of the problem is that these loans only make up a minute portion of the total mortgage market. However, with the right information, support, and a can-do attitude, this underexplored territory holds great promise.

The Current State and Stakeholder Attitudes

At present, assumable loans account for around 22% of all active mortgages, as a part of government schemes like the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). However, the uptake of these loans is remarkably low. Just in the past fiscal year, the FHA processed merely 3,349 assumptions. But don’t let these numbers deter you; rather, see it as evidence of a missed opportunity. Often, the fear of tedious paperwork and perceived obstacles prevent people from exploring this avenue. This lack of awareness and hesitation is where Roam aims to intervene and simplify the process.

Roam’s Strategy and Role

Roam has created a platform to locate listings attached to attractive assumable mortgages. This way, they’re painting a clearer picture for potential homeowners in Michigan, of first-rate deals that exist in the market. On the paperwork front, Roam extends a helping hand to the buyer and seller to navigate through this process with the seller’s mortgage company. By investing effort in reducing the friction associated with these loans, Roam aims to encourage dreams, allay fears and justify your struggles so far.

Breaking Down The Process

Let’s break down assumable loans without sugar-coating anything. Upon buying a home via this process, you’re essentially take over the seller’s existing mortgage. This means the remaining balance of the loan is deducted from the purchase price. Now, if the remaining funds to complete the purchase aren’t handy, you might need to seek additional financing through a secondary loan. Here’s the catch – the rate on that secondary loan is likely to be higher as it would be fixed according to the prevalent rates. For instance, if you were buying a $500,000 house and the assumable mortgage has a balance of $300,000, you’d need to secure financing for the pending $200,000. But remember, you’re not alone in this. Roam will recommend suitable lenders for the additional financing and guide you through the process, thus helping to justify any past failures or struggles you may have encountered when dealing with mortgages.

Tangible Benefits and Inherent Challenges

With assumable loans you stand to secure a favorable mortgage rate, thereby allowing you to afford greater luxury and financial stability. A property that comes bundled with an assumable loan is a tremendously appealing prospect, even for the sellers as they can demand a premium price. However, it’s worth emphasising that for this alternative to gain traction, it is essential to increase public understanding and accommodate the needs of all stakeholders. This includes lenders who’ll need incentivising to process these assumption requests, as they currently perceive it to be less profitable than originating new mortgages.

Implications and What Lies Ahead

As these loans gain popularity, new loans could witness a rise in rates, as investors start factoring in the extended duration of assumable mortgages. This could impact the overall affordability for future buyers. Sellers too, especially those with VA loans, might face challenges if they transfer their loans to a non-veteran buyer. But these challenges are by no means deal-breakers. Some incredibly successful cases of assumable loans point to the potential for substantial savings. One such success story is Jessica Pardinas and her family, who managed to save approximately $10,000 per year by assuming a loan with a rate slightly above 3%.


Roam’s vision for assumable loans is a step towards disrupting and improving the housing market. While assumable loans face a mixed bag of challenges and opportunities, they undeniably hold the potential to create significant advantages for Michigan’s property buyers and sellers alike. For wider adoption, however, it requires a concerted push in terms of education and streamlining at the bureaucratic level. The onus lies on us all to ensure these loans become a widely-accepted norm, thus enabling homebuyers in Michigan to secure affordable financing in a higher interest rate environment. So, let’s encourage dreams, empathise with struggles, justify past failures, confirm suspicions, and progressively work to allay fears.

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