Sabrina Carpenter’s Provocative Church Video Faces Backlash: Diocese of Brooklyn Takes Action 

 June 9, 2024

By  Joe Habscheid

Summary: In October 2023, Sabrina Carpenter faced significant backlash from the Catholic Church and some religious leaders following the release of her music video for “Feather.” The video, which featured Carpenter dancing inside a Catholic church surrounded by colorful coffins, was deemed “violent and sexually provocative” by the Diocese of Brooklyn. The incident highlighted issues of approval and accountability within the church’s filming policy, leading to the demotion of Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello. Carpenter responded assertively, emphasizing the prior approval for the shoot and making a cheeky reference to Jesus as a carpenter.

The Incident: Controversial Imagery in “Feather”

The release of Sabrina Carpenter’s music video for “Feather” in October 2023 stirred a significant controversy. The video, showcasing Carpenter dancing inside a Catholic church amidst colorful coffins, was harshly criticized. The Diocese of Brooklyn labeled the imagery as “violent and sexually provocative,” creating an uproar within the community and drawing harsh responses from various religious leaders.

Diocese of Brooklyn’s Reaction

The Diocese of Brooklyn condemned the video, emphasizing that it did not align with the church’s values and principles. Church authorities pointed out that the parish did not adhere to the diocesan policy that mandates a thorough review of scenes and scripts before granting approval for filming on church property. This failure to comply with established guidelines added fuel to the controversy, leading to administrative repercussions.

Demotion of Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello

As a direct consequence of the policy breach, Monsignor Jamie Gigantiello, the priest who permitted the filming, faced demotion from his administrative duties. This decision underscored the church’s commitment to maintaining control over how its spaces are utilized and ensuring that all activities within its premises adhere to its doctrinal standards.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Response

Sabrina Carpenter responded to the backlash by insisting that she had obtained prior approval for the video shoot. Her statement aimed to shift some of the onus back onto the church for the miscommunication regarding the video content. Carpenter’s response did not end there; she added a cheeky remark referencing Jesus as a carpenter, a move that gained considerable traction on social media platforms, further fueling discussions and debates on the matter.

Impact on Community and Social Media

The controversy surrounding the “Feather” music video sparked significant debate within the community and on social media. Supporters of Carpenter applauded her creative expression and her clever use of religious references. In contrast, detractors criticized the perceived disrespect towards sacred symbols and settings. This polarized reaction highlighted the ongoing tensions between artistic freedom and religious sensibilities.

Lessons in Accountability and Approval Processes

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of stringent approval processes, especially when it comes to sensitive locations such as places of worship. The Diocese of Brooklyn’s policy was put to the test, and the resulting controversy illustrated the consequences of lapses in communication and oversight. For religious institutions, this case underscores the need for clear and enforceable guidelines to protect their integrity and values.

Conclusion: A Complex Intersection of Art and Religion

Sabrina Carpenter’s “Feather” music video controversy exemplifies the complex intersection of art, religion, and freedom of expression. It forces us to reconsider how we approach approval processes in sensitive settings and the responsibilities of both creators and institutions in respecting those boundaries. While Carpenter’s assertive response and social media traction show the power of public opinion, the church’s reaction and subsequent actions demonstrate the importance of maintaining control over the use of sacred spaces.

In mid-Michigan, where communities often revolve around their local churches, this controversy serves as a case study in balancing creative expression with respect for established religious and cultural norms.

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