NYSE Glitch: Berkshire Hathaway Shares Plunge 99.9% – The Technical Blunder Explained 

 June 5, 2024

By  Joe Habscheid

Summary: A technical glitch on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) caused Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A shares to temporarily display a drastic 99.9% price decrease. This issue occurred due to a problem with the industry-wide price bands published by the Consolidated Tape Association’s (CTA) Security Information Processor (SIP). These bands are designed to prevent excessive volatility or extreme price movements for individual stocks. The glitch led to trading halts for several securities, including Berkshire Hathaway, which showed an incorrect price of $185.10, down from its actual value of around $620,000 per share. The NYSE reported that the issue had been resolved, and the affected stocks had either reopened or were in the process of doing so.

Understanding the Glitch

A technical issue on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) recently caused a dramatic, albeit temporary, price decrease for Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A shares. These shares, typically valued around $620,000, were erroneously displayed at $185.10. This glitch stemmed from a malfunction with the industry-wide price bands managed by the Consolidated Tape Association’s (CTA) Security Information Processor (SIP).

The Role of Price Bands

Price bands play a crucial role in maintaining market stability. They act as safeguards against excessive volatility or extreme price movements in individual stocks. By curbing abrupt fluctuations, these bands help investors to trade in a more secure and predictable environment. The problem, in this case, arose when these safety nets failed to operate correctly, leading to the significant pricing error observed in Berkshire Hathaway’s Class A shares.

Immediate Impact

The immediate consequence of this glitch was a trading halt for multiple securities. Notable among them was Berkshire Hathaway, whose shares were shown at an erroneous value. This errant display resulted in temporary market confusion and called for an urgent resolution to restore normal trading activities.

Resolution and Reopening

The NYSE acted promptly to address the issue, working to restore the correct prices for the affected stocks. The exchange reported that the technical problem had been resolved and that the impacted securities had either reopened or were in the process of doing so. The swift response helped mitigate potential long-term damage and restored investor confidence.

Lessons for Investors

This incident serves as a reminder for investors about the inherent risks in the technology-driven market landscape. Even with sophisticated safeguards like price bands, technical glitches can and do occur. What strategies can investors employ to buffer against such disruptions? Is there merit in diversifying across asset classes to minimize exposure to single points of failure?

System Improvements

This episode underscores the importance of continuously improving and testing market systems to ensure they can handle anomalies without significant fallout. Could there be a more robust system in place for early detection of technical issues? Should exchanges consider updating their protocols to mitigate the effects of such glitches?

Final Thoughts

While the NYSE glitch was quickly rectified, it sheds light on the complexity and vulnerability of the modern financial markets. For investors, staying informed and prepared for such eventualities can be crucial. How can better awareness and understanding of market mechanisms help prevent knee-jerk reactions in future scenarios?

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