North Texas Storms: Over 770k Lose Power, Structural Damage, and Severe Weather Alerts 

 May 29, 2024

By  Joe Habscheid

Summary: On Tuesday, May 28, 2024, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas experienced severe thunderstorms that caused extensive damage and disruptions, including power outages, structural damage, and ongoing severe weather risks.

Power Outages

The severe thunderstorms led to over 770,000 power outages across Texas, with nearly 400,000 reported solely in Dallas County. Residents faced significant inconvenience and challenges as they coped with the fallout from the disrupted power supply.


The storms left a trail of destruction in their wake, causing leaders across sectors to reflect on the implications and manage the fallout.

Roof Loss

Roof loss was reported in various areas, with Addison witnessing a commercial structure’s roof being ripped off entirely. This incident raised concerns about structural integrity and the robustness of buildings in the face of such weather events.

Tree Damage

Numerous communities, including Garland and Dallas, reported significant tree damage. Snapped trees posed additional hazards and required immediate attention for safety and clean-up efforts.

Tractor-Trailers Flipped

On Interstate 35 in the Lewisville area, several tractor-trailers were flipped over, leading to numerous crashes. This not only disrupted traffic but also highlighted the vulnerability of large vehicles in extreme weather conditions.

Structural Collapse

A structure in Lewisville collapsed amid the severe weather, underscoring the gravity of the storms’ impact and necessitating emergency response measures.

Weather Alerts

The National Weather Service issued multiple Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings across North Texas. These alerts were crucial in informing and protecting residents but also signaled an ongoing need for vigilance and preparedness.

Wind Gusts

The region experienced hurricane-force wind gusts, including speeds up to 83 mph near Denton and 75 mph at Dallas Love Field Airport. These powerful winds contributed significantly to the widespread damage and power outages.


The storms brought hail of various sizes, with baseball-sized hail reported in Collin County and ping-pong-ball-sized and half-dollar-sized hail seen in other regions. Hail caused additional property damage and posed risks to personal safety.

Flash Flooding

Heavy rainfall led to flash flooding concerns in parts of Denton, Wise, and Collin counties. The flooding exacerbated the storms’ impacts, prompting further emergency responses and mitigation efforts.

Severe Weather Risks

North Texas continues to face severe weather risks. The region remains on high alert with a Level 3 out of 5 risk for severe thunderstorms and a tornado threat predicted to persist through the week. Residents and authorities alike must stay prepared and responsive to ongoing weather threats.

These storms have left a significant mark on North Texas, challenging communities to adapt and respond to the immediate damage while preparing for potential future incidents. This event serves as a stark reminder of the importance of robust infrastructure, timely alerts, and community readiness to mitigate the impacts of severe weather.

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