Harness the Hormozi Effect: Transform Your Michigan Service Business into an Empire 

 August 30, 2023

By  Joe Habscheid

Summary: Service-based businesses present a lucrative opportunity to build wealth, as demonstrated by Alex Hormozi—the owner of acquisition.com with an annual revenue of $85 million. This blog will discuss his strategies for tremendous financial success in the service sector. We will dissect Hormozi’s expertise in various businesses: products, services, and access, how to add value to them, the potential of access businesses, challenges when scaling, strategies for making money quickly, and the importance of maintaining demand. It’s an all-inclusive insight for Michigan’s expertise-based workers such as lawyers, doctors, consultants, and small business owners, looking up to their mentor – Alex Hormozi.

The Foundation: Diverse Businesses

Hormozi gained his expertise from operating numerous businesses: a publishing business, a chain of photography studios, a certification business, an online business for trainers, a gym licensing business, a cell phone business, and a software company for agency owners. All these thrived in the competition due to their focus on three main avenues: products, services, and access.


The tough service market necessitates offering physical or digital products, such as fitness supplements or Netflix subscriptions, that provide additional value to your customers and set you apart.


Being in a service-oriented business means offering things like massages or digital services by marketing agencies, providing both types of services that contribute to your growth and profitability.


Offering physical and digital access can include selling tickets to shows or offering exclusive virtual events. This type of business can significantly boost your profitability, and as per Hormozi, it’s the go-to model with nearly a 100% profit margin.

Adding Value to Your Products and Services

Boosting products and services requires adding different components – integrating a retail service element to a products or inserting a product component in services. This strategy enhances value and makes your offer unique, piques customer interest, and opens the gates to new revenue streams.

The Power of Access Businesses

Hormozi champions access businesses owing to their high profit margins. Such businesses provide exclusive experiences or unique opportunities warranting a premium price tag—a formula for a significant boost in profitability.

Scaling Challenges in the Service Industry

While scaling offers rewards, it also presents challenges. For service-based businesses, scaling means a workforce expansion without losing the company’s culture and maintaining existing quality standards—a formidable task owed to these businesses’ dependency on employees to provide consistent services at a high level.

The Quick Money-Making Strategy

A practical strategy for earning swiftly in a service-based business is to offer limited, individualized solutions guaranteeing specific outcomes. This model compels customers to commit while generating immediate business cash flow.

The Importance of Maintaining Demand

In the quest for success, Hormozi emphasizes the importance of maintaining pent-up demand for future offerings. By orchestrating demand management adequately, you can preserve goodwill, slowly expand, and consistently sell without persistently chasing new demand sources.


Hormozi’s video illuminates useful strategies to gain financial success in a service-based business. Diversifying product and service offerings, focusing on access-based businesses, offering individualized experiences, and adeptly managing pent-up demand are crucial. However, be wary of potential challenges, such as employee management and quality standard maintenance. This knowledge, shared with Michigan’s expertise-based workers, such as lawyers, doctors, or consultants, ensures that they, too, can follow in Hormozi’s footsteps and enjoy huge financial success.

This article aims to resonate with Michigan’s expertise-based workers and small business owners, individuals with dreams of achieving financial freedom. It justifies the hurdles faced while scaling a service-based business and recognizes the struggles for worker adaptation and skill redundancy. The future of the service economy lies in these brainstorming encounters, knowledge sharing, and successful role models.

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