Airbnb Apocalypse: Dream or Dystopia? Unmasking Home Sharing’s Harrowing Reality & Survival Tactics 

 August 27, 2023

By  Joe Habscheid

In a nutshell, we are looking into the current state of affairs of the Airbnb industry. Has the Airbnb dream reached its expiration date? Special focus will be on the pains and benefits of owning Airbnb properties, the changing dynamics in travel trends, and other challenges such as regulations and market saturation. We’ll consider a real-life case from the Robertsons and discuss market trends and how hosts can still achieve success despite the challenges.

The Airbnb Phenomenon: From Boom to Bane?

Over the last 10 years, Airbnb has transformed the way people travel and secure accommodation. Homeowners looking to profit from their houses turned them into short-term rentals. This disrupted the hotel industry and gave rise to a new class of homebuyers, the short-term rental speculators. However, the dream of making profits seems to be slowly dying for some hosts. Despite the high demand and record bookings Airbnb enjoys as a company, hosts are struggling to make decent revenue. But what could be the cause of hosts’ diminishing returns?

The Fallacy of the Airbnb Dream: An Unveiling Tale of the Robertsons

Joan Robertson, alongside her husband, was one those who bought into the Airbnb dream. Unfortunately, their venture, like many other hosts, hasn’t been successful. Having invested in a property in Florida, they expected high returns from tourists and snowbirds. However, the expected revenue has been elusive, with a notably slow summer and zero bookings in August. Similar stories have been told across America, leading to questions about the survival of the Airbnb business.

The Hard Reality: COVID-19 and Changing Travel Habits Impact on Airbnb

The COVID-19 pandemic and the changing travel trends have significantly impacted Airbnb hosts. With the easing of lockdowns, many homeowners who bought homes during the pandemic have flooded the market, sparking an oversupply. This has resulted in declining revenues for hosts. Additionally, a resurge in international travel following the reopening of many overseas destinations has seen many Americans prefer trips to Europe and Asia, taking a further toll on the American Airbnb market.

Extraordinary Conditions: Weather Woes and Work Policies

Extreme weather conditions and changes in work policies have also played a part in hosts’ predicaments. Harsh weather events have deterred tourists from selected areas, while reshaped work policies have limited people’s flexibility to go on extended holiday getaways. With all these considerations, hotels have regained popularity, damaging the prospects of Airbnb hosts.

Growing Expectations and Airbnb’s Response

Hosting on Airbnb has grown more complex. With the platform’s increasing popularity, guests’ expectations have grown as well. Hosts now have to go the extra mile to attract bookings, providing high-quality amenities, unique attractions, and staying on top of maintenance and cleaning. Airbnb, on their part, has doubled its number of support agents and rollled out new features to protect hosts and their properties. Still, hosts face challenges, especially with Airbnb’s algorithmic pricing tools that many hosts believe undermine their earnings.

Uneven Impact Across the United States

The Airbnb challenges aren’t raised evenly across the United States. Local regulations, current market demand, and supply play a significant role. San Francisco and Dallas, for instance, have imposed restrictions limiting supply. Other cities, like Phoenix, face a surge in rental properties, leading to lower occupancy rates. However, it’s not all gloom for all hosts, as some destinations like Boston and Oahu have seen revenue increases.

Conclusion: A Dream Unfulfilled?

The Airbnb dream may not necessarily be dead, but hosts now face more significant hurdles. Despite the market fluctuations and the oversupply of short-term rentals, success for Airbnb hosts is still possible. By creating unique listings and thoughtfully considering guest expectations, it is still achievable to attract bookings. But today, achieving success requires more effort than before, including a deep understanding of the market dynamics.

Through this detailed analysis of the current Airbnb market, we aim to empathize with the struggles of Airbnb hosts, justify their challenges, and encourage their dreams of success. With careful planning and an understanding of the market trends, flourishing in Airbnb’s ever-changing landscape remains feasible. Dreams don’t die; they only change shapes.

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